Research links risky behaviors of gambling and sex

Late adolescence is a period when many youth become involved in high-risk behaviors with adverse consequences. Researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health with colleagues at Johns Hopkins University studied the degree to which two such behaviors, adolescent sexual behaviors and gambling, affected African American youth in nine primary schools in Baltimore, MD. In [...]

New Scheme to protect young Australians against Chlamydia

66% of tubal infertility & 33% of ectopic pregnancies caused by Chlamydia infection. 63,000 new cases of Chlamydia Australia wide in 2009. With STD’s on the rise among sexually active young Australians, few realise the long term risks of exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases. Conditions like Chlamydia often go unnoticed because it does not [...]

Teenagers need education on STI dangers

Although an estimated 25% of young people are sexually active by 15 years of age and this rises to 50% by the time they enter their final year of school, only 40% are practicing safe sex and using a condom. These were the findings of a survey conducted by GlaxoSmithKline which was carried out in [...]