Does Technology Use In Toddlers Affect Their Sleep Patterns?

Toddlers who spend time playing on smartphones and tablets seem to get slightly less sleep than those who do not, say researchers. The study in Scientific Reports suggests every hour spent using a touchscreen each day was linked to 15 minutes less sleep. However, those playing with touchscreens do develop their fine motor skills more [...]

Could A ‘Sniff Test’ Lead to Early Autism Diagnosis?, Photo: Evan Robold We can identify autism and its severity with meaningful accuracy within less than 10 minutes using a test that is completely nonverbal and entails no task to follow. This raises the hope that these findings could form the base for development of a diagnostic tool that can be applied [...]

Parenting, american style

If we keep parenting like this, civilization as we know it is doomed. There is a new breed of toddler on the loose; he has discriminating tastes, he makes decisions, and he weighs in on conversations that no toddler has previously been asked to participate in. Do you know this toddler? My guess is we [...]