87% of females prefer to date non smoking partners
80% of smokers don’t believe cigarettes damage the skin*

Monday 31st May is ‘world no tobacco day’.

This year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is using World No Tobacco Day to emphasize the negative aspects of smoking; particularly for women.

In Melbourne, The Royal Dental Hospital is highlighting the link between smoking and the gum disease periodontitis, which can cause teeth to become loose and fall out.

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant says smokers should also think of their financial wellbeing in making the decision to quit.

Based on the average cost of a packet of cigarettes, a pack-a-day smoker could save a significant amount of money and see immediate health benefits and positive lifestyle changes, Dr Chant said.

Australia as a whole has made great progress in the war against smoking with the Commonwealth Government making great inroads into combating smoking over the past year.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Australian Council on Smoking and Health scorecard said the Australian Government is to be congratulated.

AMA president Dr Andrew Pesce said the Government’s far-reaching and unwavering approach will make Australia the world leader in tobacco control and he applauded Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Recent Government initiatives have included:

  • 25% increase in excise duty on tobacco products
  • Legislation to make plain packaging for tobacco products compulsory by 2012
  • Banning tobacco marketing on the internet
  • Major increase in funding for media campaigns on smoking, and
  • Committing over $100 million to the ‘Tackling Indigenous Smoking’ program over the next four years.

South Australia, yet again, received the AMA’s annual Dirty Ashtray Award for the Australian State or Territory that made the least progress on combating smoking during 2009/10.

The annual tobacco scoreboard allocates points to each state and territory in various categories to track how effective governments have been at combating smoking.

For help on how to quit smoking visit the Nicabate website.

*Survey conducted by Nicabate

Writer Helen Splarn.  Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.

Source: The Australian Medical Association (AMA)