A young child is gradually learning how to interact with other children in a safe play environment.

The child had presented at SalvoConnect in Ballarat with severely stunted physical and cognitive development. Born in to a life of family violence, the young child had little social interaction with other children and had a strained relationship to his mother.

A SalvoConnect children’s support worker helped link the family with a maternal child health nurse and chiropractor to improve movement in the child’s arms and legs.

Childcare and three-year-old kindergartens programs promoted the child’s social skills and allowed the mother time to address her trauma.

Walking Home funds covered costs and also allowed the mother and child a chance to bond in Mum and Bub sessions and swim lessons.  Funds also provided the child with bedroom furniture to offer a safe and nurturing sleep and play environment at home.

Walking Home is the Salvation Army’s major fundraiser to tackle homelessness across the region. The Ballarat event makes every step count in child support programs, supplies and counselling.

The young child in this story now regularly attends day-care and kindergarten and has started to make lots of friends.

The child no longer shows difficulty in motor skills and has started to meet developmental milestones since linking up with programs and support through SalvoConnect children’s programs. They are showing less anxiety.

– Melanie Whelan

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Image source – Flickr.com