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Walking Home Creates Safer Place for Children

A young child is gradually learning how to interact with other children in a safe play environment. The child had presented at SalvoConnect in Ballarat with severely stunted physical and cognitive development. Born in to a life of family violence, the young child had little social interaction with other children and had a strained relationship to [...]

Young People With Mental Illness More Likely to Wind up Homeless

Youth homelessness is Australia’s national disgrace, with 44,000 kids sleeping rough right now YOUNG people with a mental illness are three times more likely to wind up homeless, after which their prospects of positive health and social outcomes dwindle significantly. A new report by the charity Mission Australia will be released, identifying the major risk factors that [...]

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Homeless Young People Not ‘Too Difficult’: 3 Strategies for Better Engagement

Counselling homeless young people is arguably one of the most difficult areas of work for registered psychologists. Homeless young people are often put in the ‘too hard’ basket, but there are three strategies that can be used to overcome the challenge – engagement, rapport and trust building, and a transparent approach to reporting. Homeless young [...]

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Defensive Architecture: Keeping Poverty Unseen and Deflecting Our Guilt

Defensive architecture is revealing on a number of levels, because it is not the product of accident or thoughtlessness, but a thought process. It is a sort of unkindness that is considered, designed, approved, funded and made real with the explicit motive to exclude and harass. It reveals how corporate hygiene has overridden human considerations, [...]

Petition Launched to Reverse Alcohol and Other Drugs Council Funding Cut

Friends of ADCA, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, has launched a petition http://chn.ge/1b9KBCx to the Prime Minister to reinstate the organisation's funding. ADCA, the national peak body representing organisations and workers in the sector for nearly half a century, learned in late November that the Assistant Minister for Health, Senator Fiona Nash had cut [...]

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