THE horrific Momo WhatsApp ‘suicide game’ linked to the death of at least one teen has appeared in popular online game Minecraft.

The terrifying bird-woman icon associated with Momo has been added to Minecraft, an online game that is wildly popular with kids and teens. The sick icon has been added by so-called modders, people with knowledge of programming who create personalised content for Minecraft.

A parent is also warning that ads promoting Momo have appeared in YouTube videos about the game.

Parents are being warned that Momo could be the next Blue Whale — a vile and dangerous social media game linked to at least 130 teen deaths across Russia.

Momo begins with a shadowy controller sending violent images to the victim over the messaging app WhatsApp.

The game then threatens the player if they refuse to follow the game’s ‘orders’.

The Minecraft mod adds the macabre avatar for Momo, a haunting image of a woman with grotesque chicken-like features and bulging eyes that then chases the player while holding a mobile phone showing the WhatsApp icon.

– Sam Webb

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