Our brains are wired differently and this is the reason why we think, dream and behave in a particular way without being a clone of each other. The brain is the organ which is responsible for inducing one’s perception and outlook on life. It is the functioning of this organ that makes certain people have an optimistic viewpoint and others take a pessimistic stance on various aspects of life in general. There are people who fail to see the silver lining and resort to the glass half empty approach which makes them a pessimist. Scientists have now found a link between a specific part f the brain and pessimistic responses. The part of the brain called the caudate nucleus is responsible for the same. This study came to the fore through some animal tests making scientists believe that this finding can help unlock better treatments for mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Negative moods or pessimistic reaction is more related to people suffering from a mental health condition like depression or anxiety. If experts are able to help people control these emotions this can benefit millions of people who suffer from neuropsychiatric problems worldwide.

“The research team from MIT found that when the caudate nucleus was artificially stimulated in macaques, the animals were more likely to make negative decisions and consider the potential drawback of a decision rather than the potential benefit,” reports a section of the media.

This experiment turns out to be a ray of hope in treating anxiety disorders and depression as these psychiatric problems is difficult to deal with. Knowing exactly where the trigger comes from makes it easier to chart out a treatment plan.

– Debjani Arora

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Image source – Flickr.com