Grace Tame has finally won the right to speak publicly about being groomed and sexually assaulted by her high school teacher Nicolaas Bester in 2010.

After being outraged by Bester’s comments about the abuse and media allegations that she had been complicit, the Tasmanian 24-year-old embarked on a two-year legal battle to be exempted from a law in her home state which prevents sexual assault survivors from being identified, even by themselves.

Tame says that being able to speak out has allowed her to take back ownership of her story of survival, and also to help educate others on grooming strategies. US police have already taken up the opportunity to learn from her insights into the grooming process.

Speaking to the media for the first time last week, Tame opened up about her struggle with substance abuse and self-harm in the years following her abuse. She says she is now starting to recover from her experience thanks to a combination of rigorous self-care, throwing herself into her passions and lots of family support.

Tame is now working alongside community members, sexual assault advocates, celebrities, and leaders of the #MeToo movement to have the law that silenced her abolished.

– Lorna Knowles

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Feature Image source: Pixabay