In recognition of National Child Protection Week and National eSmart Week, youth wellbeing charity Generation Next is running a free webcast A detective steps into the predators lair disguised as a child with Internet Safe Education founder Brett Lee. This webcast contains important information about grooming and how to keep young people safer online.

Generation Next recognises that not everyone can attend our not-for-profit face to face events, so we make information on critically important topics available nationwide via our webcasts. To maximise accessibility, the webcasts are free of charge.

We would love this resource to reach as many people as possible, so please share this with your friends, colleagues and community.

A certificate will be sent to those who participate in the webcast which many professionals can use to self-allocate professional development.

We encourage everyone to tune in and benefit from Brett Lee’s extensive knowledge and experience of keeping young people safe online.

Register here.

More about the webcast

An online child sex offender goes through 5 steps to commit an offence against a child. This presentation will address methodology as it relates to these steps and the roles carers, educators and other professionals can play to disrupt the grooming process at any stage. As a former undercover internet detective Brett Lee communicated online with child predators under the guise of a child for thousands of hours. From initial contact, information sharing, the creation and abuse of trust and resulting arrest and trial, this presentation is a journey through the online world as children see it.

More about Brett Lee

Brett Lee is the founder of Internet Safe Training. Each year Brett talks to thousands of Students, Teachers and Parents about how to keep children safe online.Brett worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of those as a Detective in the field of Child Exploitation. In the 5 years prior to his retirement from the QPS, he was a specialist in the field of undercover internet child exploitation investigations. Brett has been personally involved in the online investigation, arrest and prosecution of numerous offenders whose medium for preying on children is the internet.

During his time in the QLD Police Service, Brett delivered lectures to numerous school students, teacher and parent groups at both State and non-government schools on all issues relating to internet safety. This inspired a passion to impart his expert knowledge to as many children and young adults as possible to ensure they remain safe online.