Among all the other demands of life, it’s easy to forget that strong family bonds don’t just happen. Hard work and planning go into families that even get along, to say nothing of being friends.

With the right forethought and support, however, it’s entirely possible to ensure that siblings are friends both as children and well into adulthood. Thankfully, a treasure trove of intentional parenting advice from Australian experts is only a click away.

Most of the tips included are common sense, but sometimes only seem obvious once they’ve been pointed out. A family code of conduct, making up when you do wrong and creating family rituals all seem commonplace if you’re used to them from your own upbringing, but take time to learn about and institute otherwise.

In other cases the issue is not knowing what to do but sticking with it in practice. Most parents are aware that they should model between themselves the behaviour they want to see in their kids, but a shouting match can still be hard to avoid. Changing habits takes practice and often reflection on what the stumbling blocks are.

Whether this article is a refresher or introduces something new to you, it’s well worth a read.

– Carol Rääbus

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Image source: Unsplash