Reporting from Generation Next’s Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People seminar 2019, EducationHQ’s Sarah Duggan wrote an article to relate the key messages from Kristy Goodwin’s presentation, ‘Managing Attention Span in the Age of Digital Distraction’.

Kristy’s main takeaway is that the ability to focus is a skill in its own right, and in fact possibly the most vital skill for success in contemporary life. Unfortunately, many kids aren’t being taught how to deal with digital distraction because the adults in their lives are yet to learn themselves.

Sarah then relates some of the features that Kristy claims make digital distractions so hard to resist. Once learned however, tech use can be modified to give our willpower a fighting chance. And when adults have made these changes, they’ll be that much better equipped both to model healthy usage to young people, and to assist them directly.

Read the full article by Sarah Duggan at: Teachers have a ‘moral imperative’ to wean kids off tech, expert says

Feature image Source: Alexander Dummer on Unsplash