Poor parenting—including overprotection—increases bullying risk

Children who are exposed to negative parenting – including abuse, neglect but also overprotection – are more likely to experience childhood bullying by their peers, according to a meta-analysis of 70 studies of more than 200,000 children. via Poor parenting—including overprotection—increases bullying risk.

Doctors tired of alcohol damage

''Surgeons are now spending an inordinate amount of time on alcohol-related injuries,'' Professor Grigg, a vascular surgeon and professor of surgery at Melbourne's Monash University, said. ''As a result of that we have commissioned our own internal report on this issue to guide our advocacy efforts. We expect to come up against the carefully marshalled [...]

Culture of Misogyny

What germ have colleges contracted to produce such a rank, diseased culture? What is wrong with the overly-privileged? How can violence and abuse be so widespread yet NEVER punished? And why are the old boys’ networks so intent on protecting criminality? Given that you can’t really fault those charming neo-Gothic buildings, let’s start with the [...]