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A stunning map of depression rates around the world

The Middle East and North Africa suffer the world’s highest depression rates, according to a new study by researchers at Australia’s University of Queensland -- and it’s costing people in the region years off their lives. via A stunning map of depression rates around the world.

Aussies burdened by depression and alcohol

Mental illness and substance abuse are the leading causes of non-fatal illness in the world, according to the latest part of major research into the global burden of disease. And the issues are second only to musculoskeletal diseases as causes of disability in Australia, according to the study led by University of Queensland Professor Harvey [...]

Is Sugar Turning the Economy Sour?

Sugar may be sweet, but excess consumption leaves a bitter aftertaste. Millions of people worldwide are affected by type II diabetes or obesity, costing the global healthcare system billions of dollars every year. - Cushia Sherlock via Is Sugar Turning the Economy Sour? - Global Trends - Credit Suisse.

Is it time to sue the alcohol companies?

ALCOHOL PROMOTION TARGETING YOUNG PEOPLE — IS IT TIME TO SUE THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY? Transcript Thank you for the invitation to speak here today. I want to present a non-lawyer’s perspective – so this will not be an analysis of legal issues, but a discussion of some broad considerations. These are momentous times for public [...]

Film review: Bully

Bully is so heartbreaking and so enraging it is easy to believe the problem is cultural: an American disease that germinates in that country's radical and peculiar history, based on gun violence, the Bible and the stain of slavery. All of those things might be true, and Lee Hirsch's award-winning documentary gives plenty of room [...]

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