Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Bullying transcends childish acts such as teasing, rough housing or joking around. It can be a dangerous activity with devastating physical and psychological effects. It’s a prominent risk factor for substance abuse and addiction, but the person being bullied isn’t the only one at risk. We’re born into a world that rewards winners, but some [...]

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Parenting in the Digital Age

Being a parent can be terrifying. You spend your days trying to protect tiny humans when every instinct in their body is telling them to rebel against your good advice. Toddlers have a meltdown when forced to hold hands while crossing the road and teenagers sulk when you tell them they cannot have a phone or [...]

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Teenagers Engaging In ‘Digital Self-Harm’

In past decades, teenagers struggling to deal with their emotions might have coped by taking a razor blade to their forearm or extinguishing cigarettes on their skin. Today’s teens, products of the internet era, have found an additional outlet. Approximately 6% of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old engage in a practice known as [...]

Teenagers Who Are Both Bully And Victim Are More Likely To Have Suicidal Thoughts

Most research into teen bullying tends to focus only on the victim. This means we know little about how the bully is affected. A new Australian study shows that teenagers who have been both a victim and a bully are at greatest risk of mental health problems, including self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Bullies are victims [...]

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What If Your Child Is The Bully?

"I hope she doesn't get bullied," I confided to my husband on our daughter's first day of school. "I hope she doesn't bully," my husband replied. The thought that my darling angel could bully another child had never once entered my head. And when I did think about it I dismissed it immediately. I suspect [...]

When A Bully Targets Your Child

Flickr Images Of all the challenges that school brings for students and their parents, one of the most unwelcome and worrying is bullying. Bullying starts as early as first grade and peaks in middle school. About 1 in 5 students report being bullied each year, and figuring out how to respond is difficult. [...]

Film review: Bully

Bully is so heartbreaking and so enraging it is easy to believe the problem is cultural: an American disease that germinates in that country's radical and peculiar history, based on gun violence, the Bible and the stain of slavery. All of those things might be true, and Lee Hirsch's award-winning documentary gives plenty of room [...]

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All teachers must see ‘Bully’, says Headspace CEO

A "GUT-WRENCHING" documentary that exposes the daily abuse copped by bullying victims should be mandatory viewing for teachers, a leading mental health figure has said. Chris Tanti, the CEO of the youth mental health foundation Headspace, says teachers should have to watch Bully, an M-rated American film that tells the story of traumatised young victims. [...]

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