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What If Your Child Is The Bully?

"I hope she doesn't get bullied," I confided to my husband on our daughter's first day of school. "I hope she doesn't bully," my husband replied. The thought that my darling angel could bully another child had never once entered my head. And when I did think about it I dismissed it immediately. I suspect [...]

How Assuming Intentions Can Change Relationships With Children

Pixabay Images Do we react to children’s behaviour, or what we think their intention is behind the behaviour?  Do we have a preconceived notion of what drives children, and could this be impacting upon the way we respond to them? The way we think about children can affect our relationship with them. Our [...]

How a teen’s iPod can tell you if they will be trouble

A new study shows a strong, early penchant for gothic, punk, heavy metal and hardcore dance music can be a predictor of teens who will go astray. Lovers of "deviant" music by age 12 were "more engaged in minor delinquency in late adolescence", the four-year study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found. The bad behaviour [...]

School Suspensions

On the weekend, the Fairfax media carried an article entitled, How schools fail to curb bad behaviour. The article reported on research by Uniting Care that showed the amount of long-term suspensions in NSW had increased by 36% between 2006 & 2011. Suspension is a topic of hot debate in education. What good does kicking [...]

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