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ALCOPOPS: Sweet, Cheap, And Dangerous

Stock Photos The report traces the transformation of alcopops from their introduction in the 1990s as sweet, bubbly products, to today's dangerous, "binge-in-a-can," 23-25-ounce, supersized alcopops with 12-14% alcohol content. The report describes how the alcohol industry makes alcopops (AKA flavored malt beverages or FMBs) seductively attractive to youth, resulting in harmful consumption. [...]

Is Sugar Turning the Economy Sour?

Sugar may be sweet, but excess consumption leaves a bitter aftertaste. Millions of people worldwide are affected by type II diabetes or obesity, costing the global healthcare system billions of dollars every year. - Cushia Sherlock via Is Sugar Turning the Economy Sour? - Global Trends - Credit Suisse.