Lives Grow Longer, and Health Care’s Challenges Change

Getting a blood sugar test at a mobile clinic near a New Delhi slum. Chronic health problems like diabetes are on the rise among India's population, even as there has been success against more immediately life-threatening ailments. Credit Prakash Singh/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images     As illness patterns worldwide shift toward chronic, [...]

An Urgent Need To Keep Mental Health In Mind

These days every Australian knows that sooner or later they will experience poor mental health, either personally or within their own family. What they may not know yet is that they will struggle to access the same quality healthcare that we all take for granted when we develop physical health problems. Less than half of [...]

How to Treat Depression When Psychiatrists Are Scarce

In a rigorous study in Goa, India, Patel found that young women could learn basic psychotherapy skills and go on to help people with depression at least as well as local clinics would have. Now he’s advising the Indian government on incorpor­ating these lay counselors into the national health system. We talked to Patel about [...]