Long-term Brain Changes Persist Years after Drug Abuse and Recovery

It's known that brain changes are present in drug addicts even when they have been abstinent for a short period of time. Now new research shows that alterations persist in long-term abstinent heroin-depended individuals as well. - Wiley Source: Long-term brain changes persist years after drug abuse and recovery Image from Unsplash

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More women dying from accidental drug overdoses than in road toll

“The number of middle-aged women dying from accidental overdose has more than doubled in a decade and women aged between 30 and 50 are now almost four times more likely to be found dead of an unintended overdose than in a crashed car.”Mr Ryan said there had not been as many deaths among women since [...]

Drugs that cause most harm: Scoring drugs

MOST people would agree that some drugs are worse than others: heroin is probably considered to be more dangerous than marijuana, for instance. Because governments formulate criminal and social policies based upon classifications of harm, a new study published by the Lancet on November 1st makes interesting reading. Researchers led by Professor David Nutt, a [...]

Alcohol harms society more than drugs

A UK study has found that consuming alcohol is more destructive than taking drugs in the long term for both drinkers and society as a whole. The study was paid for by Britain's Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and recently published online in the medical journal The Lancet. Experts in the UK studied the effects [...]