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Neuroscience: The Hard Science Of Oxytocin

Illustration by Dale Edwin Murry In April 2011, Robert Froemke and his team were reprogramming the brains of virgin mice with a single hormone injection. Before the treatment, the female mice were largely indifferent to the cries of a distressed baby, and were even known to trample over them. But after an injection [...]

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The Psychology Of A Hug 

Credit: i.huffpost.com Common sense tells us that a hug is good for us. Now a new study confirms just how and why hugs are so beneficial. A study of 404 healthy adults by experimenters at Carnegie Mellon University examined the effects of hugs on the health of participants, particularly their susceptibility to developing the common [...]

The Molecule behind the Golden Rule 

The Moral Molecule — Aspen Ideas How do we navigate through the sea of strangers that we all live in without having something in our brains that tells us who to be around and who not to be around, who is safe and who’s not safe? You have to imagine this tiny little [...]