Can experts determine who might be a mass killer? 3 questions answered

Editor’s Note: After mass shootings, people naturally search for answers. We also want to find the root cause. One subject that often arises is mental illness. People, and politicians, raise questions about “red flags,” or warning signs a person might commit a violent act, and whether someone could have intervened to stop a mass murderer. [...]

The Psychological Core of Unethical, Anti-Social People

None of us are perfect, and all of us occasionally do things that hurt other people. But, some people do things that hurt other people far more often, and with far more serious consequences, than the rest of us do. Psychologists have been interested for many years in understanding people who regularly harm other people [...]

The Isolating Life of Parenting a Potential Psychopath

Parenting a child with conduct disorder is the loneliest thing I know. Conduct disorder (CD) is a diagnosis given to children who have an ongoing pattern of troubling antisocial behavior. The definitions are all very wordy—but the simple version is that a child who gets this diagnosis might grow up to be a psychopath. When [...]

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Brain of a Psychopath

In nature, the psychopath feels no pain beyond his own, an island unto himself in an emotional wasteland. As many as one percent of people — and nearly one in every four inmates in American prisons — may exhibit traits consistent with the personality disorder of psychopathy: a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow affect, [...]

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