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Social Media, Teens and the Direct Link to Depression

A new study from the U.K. examined the link between social media use and depression-type symptoms in almost 11,000 14-year-olds. Researchers found that girls were two times more likely to be depressed than boys, primarily because of cyberbullying and harassment issues. Why are the results of this study so surprising? Almost 40 percent of the [...]

The Problems with Evolutionary Psychology, Photo: CORBIS As evolutionary scientists, we devote much of our working lives to exploring the behaviour of humans and other animals through an evolutionary lens. So it may come as a surprise that our show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe is named Alas, Poor Darwin …?, borrowing from one of the most searing critiques of evolutionary [...]

Top four challenges of raising boys

Dealing with emotions One of the biggest challenges in raising boys is balancing out the social expectations and stereotypes. Dr Bronwyn Harman, psychology lecturer and families expert at Edith Cowan University, acknowledges that there is still a belief that boys will behave in one way and girls in another. "This is socially and culturally reinforced, [...]