A survey of almost 3000 students has found 60% of girls in year 12 admit to binge drinking three or more times in the last fortnight, and half say they have had sex. Most alarmingly, 38% of the girls surveyed said they had endured unwanted sex.

The most common reason for unwanted sex for women was reported to be pressure from a partner, followed closely by being intoxicated. The study described the relationship between alcohol use and sexual behavior to be “little addressed, if at all.”

Cecilia Gore from Family Planning Queensland said the results highlight the poor sex education in schools. “We need to be focusing on educating young men about safe and respectful relationships,” she said. “Whenever you ask young people [about sex education in schools], they say it is too late, too little and it’s too biological.

A PowerPoint presentation of the results of the survey can be found at Latrobe University’s website.

From the Courier Mail.

Writer Tristan Boyd, Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.

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little addressed if at all