Dr Tim Lomas believes analysis of happiness is very Western-centric Rex Features

Psychologists have been analysing happiness for years.

Subjects for studies include what makes us happy, and why? And, what happens to our bodies when we feel happiness?

Dr Tim Lomas believes analysis of happiness is very Western-centric – it focuses only on Western cultures and the concepts of happiness that already exist in within them.

He says this could hinder research, because if we only study one culture’s concept of happiness, we won’t be able to gather research about psychology of happiness for humans as a whole.

Dr Lomas says there are lots of different types of happiness – the happiness you feel when you eat chocolate isn’t the same as the happiness you feel when you’re getting married. The differences across cultures are due to the value placed in each of these kinds of happiness.

– Elsa Vulliamy

Source: 13 untranslatable words for happiness