13 Untranslatable Words For Happiness

Dr Tim Lomas believes analysis of happiness is very Western-centric Rex Features Psychologists have been analysing happiness for years. Subjects for studies include what makes us happy, and why? And, what happens to our bodies when we feel happiness? Dr Tim Lomas believes analysis of happiness is very Western-centric – it focuses only on Western cultures [...]

The One Number that’s Eerily Good at Predicting Your Success in Love

iStock When people are looking for a significant other, they often try to find someone whose values, education, earnings, hobbies and even height match their own. But new research suggests there's one promising measure for finding a committed partner that most daters overlook -- credit scores. A credit score is a number that is supposed to [...]

Marriage in the 21st century

It may be timely to consider evidence which suggests that marriage may actually be conducive to health and well-being for both men and women. It may also be timely to consider that marriage may actually be a good thing for our children too. via Marriage in the 21st century.

Celebrities and the media sending wrong message about marriage

UK expert Reg Bailey, chief executive of The Mothers' Union charity, has warned that many young people think that adultery is acceptable and that marriages are not meant to last. Bailey, who is preparing a report for the UK Department of Education, feels that many celebrities and sports personalities are influencing the way adolescents view [...]