Weight Watchers Has Completely Missed The Body Positive Memo

Photo: Weight Watchers Just when you start to think the tide is turning against the era of companies brazenly exploiting women's body image for profit, Weight Watchers launches a campaign that turns back the clock a few decades. While others in the wellbeing and image industries are slowly moving away from marketing efforts that focus on [...]

The One Number that’s Eerily Good at Predicting Your Success in Love

iStock When people are looking for a significant other, they often try to find someone whose values, education, earnings, hobbies and even height match their own. But new research suggests there's one promising measure for finding a committed partner that most daters overlook -- credit scores. A credit score is a number that is supposed to [...]

What does it mean to botox your face?

There is nothing natural or inevitable about women wanting to cut up their faces or inject them with silicon. Until around the 1920s, the feminine ideal was decidedly matronly. Victorian models of femininity were based on moral virtue or character, which meant that there was nothing wrong with ageing. In fact, beauty was equated with [...]