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Social media is a strange beast. Consider the app, Facetune, which makes the application of Valencia seem like child’s play. Facetune is the Photoshop of selfies; it allows you to retouch your skin, add make-up, whiten your teeth, widen your mouth, change your eye colour, change your hair and basically make you look like someone else.

Which is the point of social media right?! And while you’re at it, just to really mess with people, add in a few hashtags #natural #selflove #grateful #vegan #soulsearching

It’s comical and yet social media, as we are learning, is seriously powerful.

The problem with this is that our friends and acquaintances used to be “real”, like us. Now, not only are we accustomed to seeing airbrushed, retouched images in traditional media, the “real” people are becoming fake too.

And it is cause for concern.

– Sarah Berry

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