FOUR in 10 Australian secondary students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are failing minimum literacy or numeracy standards, worrying new research has revealed.

The Australian-first study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found almost three-quarters of Year 7 students with ADHD had problems with writing. More than half of Year 9 students with the disorder also struggled.

It also found 40 per cent of students failed to meet minimum standards in at least one of Naplan’s five domains — reading, grammar and punctation, writing, spelling and numeracy.

Lead researcher Nardia Zendarski said that struggling pupils risked falling further ­behind.

“The minimum standards are lower than that of an average grade five student so we are talking basic skills,” she said.

“If you transition to high school without those basic skills, you will struggle to catch up and you will never succeed.


– Monique Hore

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Photo Source – flickr