If you’ve ever had anxiety, you will know that it’s a complex illness that can have a debilitating effect on every day life. According to the Black Dog Institute, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia.

It’s important to seek help to manage anxiety. While there are many effective psychological and medical therapies to help treat anxiety, it’s also important to establish a therapeutic home environment, free from unhelpful emotional triggers.

Here are seven design changes you can make at home to improve your sense of wellbeing.

1. Organisation

Clutter and disorganisation can make you feel like you’ve lost control, contributing to stress and anxiety. Keep a clean and ordered space and regularly cull unnecessary items, while ensuring you have adequate storage for everything.

2. Open and airy

Give yourself room to breathe at home. If you have small rooms, consider removing internal walls to create a bigger living space. Otherwise, swap dark and bulky furniture for light and streamlined designs. Keep doors open to other rooms to create the sense of open space.

– Rebecca Lowrey Boyd

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Image by Fernando from Unsplash