When it comes to body image issues, the struggle is equal for men and women. The feeling of low self-confidence, being judged for your weight, not fitting into clothes and the pressure to live up to society’s standard of a body type can be all too crippling.

It’s normal to be insecure, to compare ourselves to others, to find faults within our body especially when we are slapped with perfect Instagram pictures of models with ripped bodies and magazine covers with flawless models.

But none of that matters. What makes a difference is to feel comfortable in your own skin, but that doesn’t mean lazing around and doing nothing about your health. It’s always a better option to shun the negative voices in your head and be more respectful to yourself.

If you are battling this negativity of a bad body image, here are a few essential tips to deal with it:

1. Be your own friend

Stop being mean to yourself and beating yourself down. You are your own friend. What others think really doesn’t matter. So what if you’ve have put on a few. Focus on who you really are as a person and all of the negativity will eventually fade away.

2. Don’t let what others think affect you

People will always find ways to put you down so they can feel better about themselves.Don’t let any of it make a difference to your mood.

3. Exercise not to lose weight but to feel happy

Yes, working out is good and it paves a path to a better you. Do not look for an overnight transformation. When you start a workout regime aim at feeling good rather than hating yourself for not achieving the desired results. Weight loss will happen eventually.

4. Engage yourself and keep yourself busy

Like they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and on bad body image day, the thoughts can be crippling. Instead of lying down and regretting all the decision you made, make an effort to do something more fruitful. Sitting around and sulking will only make things worse if anything.

5. Eat right

Make an effort to change your diet. Throw junk food out of the window and stick to a healthy diet of fruits and veggies. This can never go wrong.

– KC Archana

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Image source – Flickr.com