A recent study conducted by AHRI highlighted that the two most common reasons for employees’ absentees were minor illnesses (96%) and family/carer’s responsibilities (76%). Employer absenteeism can have a grave impact on the workplace culture. The main consequences for workplaces are reduced productivity, low morale of staff filling in for absent employees (60%), and time lost due to managing absenteeism, reallocating work, finding replacement staff etc (48%). These handbooks provide parents and professionals with practical advice, suggestions and tools on how to better look after the mental health of the young people in their lives.

Arming the parents in your workforce is not just an investment but is a wise preventive measure that enhances your organisation as a body that cares about its employees and their families. The Generation Next Handbooks are relevant to every organisation that has young people in the workforce and is essential reading for every parent in the workforce.


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