Many parents have difficulty when their kids hit preadolescence, as this is a major period of physical and cognitive change. In particular, a child’s increased independence and need for distance from their parents can be a real struggle to adapt to. This is also a time when children need a good relationship with their parents (whether they admit it or not), no longer purely as caregivers but also as mentors and guides to adapting to their changing circumstances and building a fulfilling life of their own. It’s this difficult balancing act that this article aims to help parents with.

In large part, the tips relate to giving kids space to work things out for themselves while still letting them know that you’re available and that you value the time you spend together. Communication is another key element of parenting at this age, and the article devotes several points to the challenges of effective communication at this point of transition. From broaching taboo topics to helping preteens develop media literacy skills, many of these types of conversation will be entirely new to both children and parents. The final major piece of advice is on parents role modelling the attitudes and behaviours they want to see in their children, as children of this age are still picking up the social skills they’ll need for adult life.


– Juliann Garey, Child Mind Institute

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Image source: Pixabay