One of the most frustrating things about mood is that, even for just one individual, there’s no one coping mechanism that’s guaranteed to improve your outlook all the time. That’s why it’s so important to have a few different strategies to call on. Initially you might have to try a range of different things to figure out what works, but before long you’ll be attuned enough to how your thoughts and feelings work that you can generally figure out ahead of time what will lift you out of any particular funk.

If you’re struggling  for inspiration, the nine strategies in this article cover a broad spectrum of healthy, effective coping mechanisms endorsed by mental health professionals. They’re a good mix of intensities, an acknowledgement that sometimes it’s worthwhile drilling down into your thoughts and emotions whereas other times it can actually be more helpful to binge watch your favourite TV show. An important addition is recognising when you’ve developed an unhealthy coping mechanism, and finding a way to replace it with a more fulfilling way to address the same need.

There’s likely to be at least one point here that can help nearly anyone, and once you’ve worked out what works for you it’s also a great guide for helping any young person in your life who might also be having a tough time with bad moods. As an added bonus, taking the time to show you care may well mean that you’re the one a young person turns to when things get overwhelming.

– Alli Hoff Kosik

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Image source: Pixabay