There’s a lot of ‘conventional wisdom’ on the topic of bullying, but a lot of it can be wrong or even actively harmful.

So, if your child confides in you that they’re being bullied, it’s worth thinking hard about the advice you give them.

This article outlines some of the common responses to childhood bullying that indicate either dismissiveness of the situation, or an unrealistic expectation of a child’s ability to deal with it. These responses can compound the mental health and self-esteem issues created by bullying.

It’s not all negative, however. After debunking the myths and unhelpful attitudes towards bullying, the article then outlines the responses that help children to feel supported, and to express the emotions brought up and to put work with them on making a plan to deal with the situation.


Read the full article by Kelsey Borresen at: What NOT To Say When Your Child Is Being Bullied

Image by Morgan Basham from Unsplash