Book launch: Big Porn Inc

This important book launch firmly puts porn in its place and through a series of essays, documents the proliferation and normalization of pornography, the way it has become a global industry and its violence towards and degradation of women. Big Porn Inc is an exposé of the hidden realities of the global industry that promotes [...]

Collective shout: a voice against sexualised clothing

Despite the increased pressure from many sectors of the community, clothing retailers have continued to stock and sell clothing that depict women in a sexualized way. The images are often pornographic with blatantly sexual slogans. Collective Shout supporter Caitlin Roper has created the Facebook page Say No to Porn t-shirts and together they have written [...]

A win for children as Bonds backs down on 'bralettes'

A backlash in public support has led Bonds to recall their colourful 'bralettes' which were marketed to children as young as 6 years old. The recall of these training bras follows a campaign led by the grassroots movement Collective Shout and other child advocates opposed to the adultification and sexualisation of children. Collective Shouts’ aim [...]