Oh La La! Do 4 year olds really need French lingerie?

Designer Sophie Morin has defended her range of ‘loungerie’ for 4 10 12 year old girls, saying “All I wanted to do was offer underwear that is soft and pleasant to wear... that is suited [to] their age, and that wasn’t an extension of women’s labels, which are often vulgar.” However in the market place [...]

Protect our kids: Say No to child beauty pageants in Australia

Child beauty pageant company Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant is planning to hold a 'Child Beauty Pageant' in Melbourne, Australia, in July. Many psychologists and child development authorities agree that child beauty pageants are not in the best interest of healthy child development. A study conducted by Anna Wonderlich et.al (2005) in the Journal of Treatment [...]

A win for children as Bonds backs down on 'bralettes'

A backlash in public support has led Bonds to recall their colourful 'bralettes' which were marketed to children as young as 6 years old. The recall of these training bras follows a campaign led by the grassroots movement Collective Shout and other child advocates opposed to the adultification and sexualisation of children. Collective Shouts’ aim [...]

Bewitching children: major chain designs adultified clothing for toddlers

The launch of the latest WitcheryKids clothes for children has caused an outcry among parents and experts alike. The clothes are being marketed at children from toddler age up to tweens. Australian actress and ambassador for Barnardos, Noni Hazlehurst has spoken out against the growing adultification of children’s clothing within the fashion industry. She said [...]