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Brain Study Suggests Consciousness A Matter Of Optimal Degree Of Connectedness In Neural Network

David Shattuck, Arthur Toga, Paul Thompson/ UCLA Lab of Neuro Imaging A team of European researchers has found evidence that suggests that human consciousness is a state where the neural network that makes up the brain operates at an optimal degree of connectedness. In their paper published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, [...]

Network Theory Sheds New Light on Origins of Consciousness

Where in your brain do you exist? Is your awareness of the world around you and of yourself as an individual the result of specific, focused changes in your brain, or does that awareness come from a broad network of neural activity? How does your brain produce awareness? Vanderbilt University researchers took a significant step [...]

People Conscious after ‘Death’, study says

People may still have consciousness after "death". A large-scale study involving 2060 patients from 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria has found that patients experience real events for up to a three-minute period after their heart has stopped beating. Dr Sam Parnia, director of resuscitation research at the State University of New York, [...]