The latest DrinkWise Ad is a Beer Commercial, Not Public Health Message

There is an art to creating a faux public health ad that, far from damaging your bottom line, actually enhances it. That’s a win for the alcohol industry, but a big loss for the rest of us. So what is wrong with the DrinkWise advertisement? - Michael Thorn is CEO of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and [...]

The truth about Drinkwise

DrinkWise is a Social Aspects Public Relations Organisation (SAPRO) established by the alcohol industry in 2005. DrinkWise is wholly funded by the alcohol industry and governed by a board whose 13 members include 6 alcohol industry representatives. DrinkWise describes itself as an ‘independent, not-for-profit organisation’ whose ‘primary focus is to help bring about a healthier [...]

Alcohol and Other Drugs Council Of Australia Shuts Doors After Fiona Nash Cuts Off Funding

An organisation that has been advising Australian governments on alcohol and drug policy for almost half a century shut its doors on Friday. The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, which has operated since 1966, was placed in voluntary administration in November after Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash decided it would receive no further [...]

New campaign targetting teen drinking "hypocritical"

Alcohol education group DrinkWise launched their latest campaign "Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix" yesterday, which aims to reduce under-age drinking with a focus on educating teens to wait for as long as possible before drinking. The campaign immediately came under fire for the influence alcohol companies have over it when professor Simon Chapman of Sydney [...]