Why Everything We’ve Been Told About Happiness Is Flawed

Shutter Stock The "standard" blueprint for a happy life usually reads something like this: Go to college. Get a job in a big corporation that provides good benefits. Find a partner. Have children. Buy a house. Raise your children. Retire and hope to go on a cruise (before you die of a heart [...]

Life expectancy for people with mental illness the same as 30 years ago

A damning report has found the life expectancy for people suffering from a mental illness has not improved in 30 years. The finding is in stark contrast to the advances made for Australians suffering from illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Mental health expert Professor John Mendoza co-authored the report, which looks at mental illness [...]

Long and the short of US woes

A new study says white Americans with low educational levels have already lost an average of four years from their life expectancy. That's the loss of 5 per cent of the average lifespan for an American who lacks a high school diploma, and it's happened at astonishing speed - between 1990 and 2008, says the [...]