AUSTRALIA should increase the legal drinking age to 21, according to a national online poll.

Kevin Rudd has again sparked outrage on the ABC’s Q&A by suggesting that he ‘personally’ supports an older drinking limit and sees 21 years old as quite reasonable and feasible.

Suprisingly this view was also later supported by an online poll conducted on News Ltd websites across the country.

The question was:
Should the drinking age be lifted to 21?

The results were:
Yes 53.97% (5964 votes)
No 46.03% (5086 votes)
Total votes: 11050

In NSW and Queensland, more than 66 per cent of online voters backed the sentiments of the Prime Minister, saying it would reduce booze-soaked violence, decrease binge drinking and cut the national road toll.

This view is further supported by Paul Dillon, of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, and speaker at the Generation Next seminars who thinks “single men of that age (18 to 25) are also highly represented in the statistics of alcohol-related crime and violence”.

However the younger generation was outraged, many aged between 18 andd 21 fearing that they would be refused alchol in the near future. The  online poll showed that some threatened to withdraw their vote with Phil of Perth warning that any move by the government to increase the legal drinking age would cost the Labor Party the election.

“They would lose every young voter instantly; that would be enough to decide the election given the reasonably close margins we usually have. Not to mention the fact that this is insulting to the majority of young people who do drink responsibly,” he said.

Writer Helen Splarn.  Editor by Dr Ramesh Manocha

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