More than half of female university students in Australia are skipping meals before a big night out so they can save calories for alcohol, an Adelaide study has found.

The study, by PhD student and researcher Alissa Knight at the University of South Australia, looks into the social phenomena dubbed “drunkorexia”.

Ms Knight said drunkorexia was the combination of two social cultures in Australia involving binge drinking and a desire to be thin.

“It’s a new phenomena and it sort of involves the use of distorted eating, such as starvation, dietary restriction, purging, vomiting, excessive exercise … for the sole purpose of saving calories for alcohol use,” she told 891 ABC Adelaide.

“It seems to have evolved out of two quite prominent socio-cultural norms, operating in Australia for young female adults.


Source: ‘Drunkorexia’ Phenomena Prominent In Young Australian Women

Image from Unsplash