Has adolescence ever been harder for girls, as they enter a world where appearance rivals achievement, and judgement is only a social media comment away? Meet some young women who are navigating this tricky moment in their lives.

According to Holly, 15:

If I leave the house without make-up, I don’t feel as much myself. It gives you confidence. I would say everyone feels a pressure from social media – even subconsciously. When people start posting pictures of their bodies there is pressure for other girls to do the same, and meet that standard. Everything is so enhanced – a lot of what you see isn’t even real anymore.

Bella, 17, says she is a feminist, but admits to feeling insecure about her appearance, which is why she would like to see flawed women in the media. In her words:

You want to be attractive, but you’ve also got to be strong.  The media sometimes gets on top of you, and you see an image – and you know it’s Photoshopped – and you’re like ‘yes I do want to look like that’ yet I know it goes against being clever and wanting to go to uni, and that it’s what’s inside that counts.

– Sophie Wedgewood and Louisa Le Vogueur Coyet

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