Laughing is fun, and it turns out that it’s also great for mental health, according to LYSN psychologist Noosha Anzab.

As Anzab recently told BHG, laughter has a similar effect on the mind as exercise, and can reduce feelings of mental depletion, can change a person’s mood, strengthen the immune system, and even act as a natural pain relief.

“Similar to exercise, laughter releases feel good endorphins that can make us feel content, energised and less stressed.
“Recent scientific studies have found laughter can release endorphins in the brain, and increasing our opioid peptides, resulting in more pleasurable and calm feelings.”

Laughter can fire up – and then cool down – the stress response, according to Anzab, while increasing and then decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure, resulting in a more relaxed state.
This provides a natural form of tension relief by stimulating circulation and aiding in muscle relaxation, thus relieving the symptoms of stress.

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Image source: Pixabay