Journalist and author Madonna King has taken deep dive into the relationship between dads and their daughters in a new book called Fathers and Daughters.

In researching her book, King spoke to 400 fathers and 1300 girls, as well as a number of experts, to take a closer look at the complicated relationship that becomes common as girls mature.

King told Radio National’s Life Matters that when daughters hit puberty, being a father can “suddenly become really difficult”.

She says that dads want to give their daughter some privacy and space, and often back off at this point.

However young women miss out when they lose that closeness with their fathers, and dads who take a step back at this point, often find it really difficult to reconnect later on, according to the author.

King discusses some specific strategies to help maintain the father-daughter connection throughout adolescence in this radio interview.

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Image source: Pixabay