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How Parenting Advice From Health Professionals May Be Biased

Whose advice do you trust when it comes to raising children? For many, the answer is to ask health professionals who can draw on years of experience, and who have access to, and can make sense of, research. But our new study found the research basis of much of our parenting advice from health professionals [...]

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Better Communication Can Help Save Lives From Suicide

An Australian suicide study has shown a worrying failure in communication between family members and health professionals. Professor Brian Draper, lead researcher from UNSW, said the study identified a gap in the medical guideline about health professionals sharing information with relatives. The research team examined 74 suicide cases in New South Wales and Queensland, and [...]

Punching holes in the Matrix

I have always loved the movie ‘The Matrix’.  I watched it again recently with my daughter Meaghan, and I can’t help but be struck by the parallels of the situation that Neo, Morpheus and their allies find themselves in the movie, with the circumstances of a growing number of people who are fighting passionately for [...]