Aussies might be getting kinder

The world today is often portrayed as being less kind, friendly or giving than it used to be. So-called Gen Me, today’s teens and young adults, are the poster-children of moral decline, routinely characterised as narcissistic, selfish and hedonist. Despite such concerns we know relatively little about the social composition of kindness and how it [...]

How to Do Kindness in school

Following last week’s column regarding Random Acts of Kindness, I received a lot of correspondence asking me how we implemented the activity.   So I thought I would share exactly how we did the RAK activity at our school.   We did the activity with fifty Year 10 students.   We secretly assigned each member [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

“Why should I be nice to people? They aren’t nice to me...” This is a common response from adolescents when I try and engage them in the notion of being “kind.”   Researchers will tell us that because of the adolescent brain, the teaching of such concepts need to demonstrate: “What’s in it for me?” [...]