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Help an anxious teen with this glitter jar technique

When a teenager is really upset, parents often feel the need to do something — gather information (“Who hurt you and what’s their phone number?”), launch into a profound lecture, or maybe try a problem-solving technique they heard about in a TED talk. A better first response: Grab a glitter jar. It’s an idea psychologist [...]

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7 Ways to Talk to Teenagers About Mental Health

As it's revealed one in ten young people will experience mental health problems before they turn 16, experts say it's vital for mum and dad to reach out to their youngsters One in ten young people experiences a mental health problem before they turn 16. Jo Loughran, director of the charity Time To Change, shares [...]

The Benefits Of Mentoring

Flikr Images A key protective factor enabling young people to make a successful transition into adulthood has been identified as a relationship with a caring adult outside the young person’s immediate family.[1] In a study on resilience, Emily Werner and a team of professionals followed the development of children born in 1955 on [...]

Net Savvy: Youth Excel

Youth Excel    Youth Excel was founded in 2000. Now in its tenth year of operation, this charity delivers highly effective small group programs and mentoring to teenagers in Brisbane to over 120 young people per year. Youth Excel is passionate about seeing young people make a successful transition into adulthood. To this end they offer [...]