Why Primary School Boys Need Intervention

It was a cry for help from a parent that made Menslink realise that a growing number of primary school boys were in need of mental health support. Now 10 to 12-year-old boys make up 12 per cent of the male support group’s client case, which CEO Martin Fisk said was not unusual and reflected the national [...]

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The Tightrope between Primary and High School – Scary or Successful?

It's about this time of year when Yr 6 students start thinking about high school next year. By now, many parents will have decided which secondary school their son or daughter will attend, and the kids themselves are already feeling 'done' with primary school. Attitudes and behaviours are changing....and "Boring!" becomes the key word of [...]

GetYaHeadRight Film Competition Winners!

Secondary School 1. Best Live Action – Kellyville High School with In Space AND De La Salle Caringbah with Finding Paradise 2. Best Animation – Marist Sisters College with the Notebook Animation 3. Peoples’ Choice Award – Chatswood High School with Change Primary School 4. Best Live Action – Star Time Studios with Bully it Out [...]

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Every few months, this old argument crops up again: Homework – Good or Bad? Last week the ABC reported on research that suggested that homework was of little use to students of primary school age when it came to improving academic outcomes.   The research also suggested that homework was only had “very limited” and [...]

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