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Tackling Compulsive Gaming In Boys

Flickr/Renata Vaz I recently conducted a parenting night at Trinity Grammar School in Kew, Melbourne about Boys and Gaming. More than 450 parents turned up to find answers to the challenge of getting their boys off their devices. A parent shared with me the following: “My son is actually scaring me. I can’t even [...]

Reality Bytes for Opponents of Digital Parenting

shutterstock Good news for parents feeling the techno-shame of exceeding the hideously outdated screen time guidelines touted by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) since 2001 -- well before digital life, as we know it, began to swipe, tap, beep, and buzz around us. Rather than attempting to squeeze screen time into just two hours [...]

Extra Hour of Screen Time Per Day Associated with Poorer Grades An extra hour per day spent watching TV, using the internet or playing computer games during Year 10 is associated with poorer grades at GCSE at age 16 - the equivalent of the difference between two grades - according to research from the University of Cambridge. In a study published today in [...]

How to Know if Teens Are Getting It Wrong Online

Technology has become the new battlefield for parents, teachers, and teens. Regular conflicts arise over content (what the kids are doing on their devices) and context (when they’re doing it!). Content Issues Ever since the arrival of Facebook in 2004, youth (and adults) have used apps in naive and dangerous ways. Reputations have been harmed. [...]

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Budgeting Screen Time to Reduce Kids’ Mental Health Risk

The American Academy of Pediatrics has previously found that American children between the ages of 2 and 18 years old spend an average of 6 hours and 32 minutes each day using media (television, commercial or self-recorded video, movies, video games, print, radio, recorded music, computer, and the Internet). A new report also published in [...]