How to Know if Teens Are Getting It Wrong Online

Technology has become the new battlefield for parents, teachers, and teens. Regular conflicts arise over content (what the kids are doing on their devices) and context (when they’re doing it!). Content Issues Ever since the arrival of Facebook in 2004, youth (and adults) have used apps in naive and dangerous ways. Reputations have been harmed. [...]

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Charlotte Dawson | Twitter trolls

Online community manager and social media consultant Laurel Papworth said that, by responding to and retweeting attacks such as calls for her to "go hang herself" - and even calling the boss of a woman who abused her online, Dawson gave her enemies the oxygen they craved. "You never give bullies oxygen and you never [...]

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Empathy work lost on one in five cyber bullies

TACTICS commonly used by schools to deal with cyber bullies, such as asking them to show empathy towards their victim, are ineffective in dealing with some of the worst offenders, new research has found. Despite the millions of dollars spent on programs to stamp out cyber bullying in schools, no research has been conducted to [...]

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