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Food and drink companies are using the same dodgy tactics as tobacco companies

'There is now evidence to show that the food, drink and alcohol industries use similar tactics to the tobacco companies to undermine public health interventions.' The report found that the ten largest global companies now control more than 15 per cent of all food sales - and the majority of these comprise of unhealthy food [...]

Alcohol, Ultraprocessed food killing us

ALCOHOL and processed food companies are employing the same tactics as Big Tobacco to increase their profits at the expense of people's lives, health experts say. The tactics used include industry-funded biased research, political donations, ghost-writing of public policy and campaigns blaming individuals for their choices, an article in The Lancet said on Tuesday. Trusting [...]

Empathy work lost on one in five cyber bullies

TACTICS commonly used by schools to deal with cyber bullies, such as asking them to show empathy towards their victim, are ineffective in dealing with some of the worst offenders, new research has found. Despite the millions of dollars spent on programs to stamp out cyber bullying in schools, no research has been conducted to [...]

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